Educational ACF


A birthday cake
A birthday cake
A cat and a mouse
A date gone wrong
A day at home
A day in my life
A Dialogue between a Doctor and a Patient
A favorite subject
A Ham Sandwich
A happy mistake
A moral dilemma
A naughty child
A new chapter in my life
A new flatmate
A new flatmate
A new girlfriend
A new roommate
A one-way ticket, please
A picnic by the river
A Series of Unlucky
A Trip to London
A younger sister or brother?
An Englishman in New York
Action verbs
Afraid of flying
After long time meeting
Agreeing & disagreeing
Animal body parts
Animal homes
Are you busy?
Are you dining alone?
Are you from London?
Are you married?
Are you okey?
Are you ready to order?
Are you studying?
Are you tired?
Arranging an appointment
Arrogant girl 1
Arrogant girl 2
Arrogant girl 3
Arrogant girl 4
Arrogant girl 5
Arrogant girl 6
Arrogant girl 7
Arrogant girl 8
Arrogant girl 9
Arrogant girl 10
Arrogant girl 11
Arrogant girl 12
Ask and answer «How are you?»
Asking directions
Asking for advice
Asking for and giving directions
Asking for change
Asking for help
Asking the way
At a stationery shop
At home
At home
At the airport
At the airport conversation
At the bank
At the clothes shop
At the doctor's
At the hair salon
At the hospital
At the hotel
At the hotel
At the hotel conversation
At the hotel conversation
At the hotel conversation 1
At the hotel conversation 2
At the hotel conversation 3
At the office
At the park
At the restaurant
At the school
At the wedding ceremony


Baby animals
Because I always want to go shopping
Becca, do you know where my key is?
Being fat is not a crime
Best Friend
Bill, how did your presentation go
Body parts
Bonus Income
Book a tour
Buying a plane ticket


Can I help you?
Can I help you?
Can mommy play you?
Can you eat Korean food?
Can you lend me some money?
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Chat with a new friend
Chatting with Grandma
Cheater boyfriend 1
Cheater boyfriend 2
Childhood Lie
Chris and his fish
Christmas Story
Cleaning up the room
Clothes & accessories
Color preference
Comfort and encouragement
Computer is broken down
Condolence to you
Confess to your crush
Congratulations and celebrations
Conversation at home
Conversation between mother and son
Conversation between parent and child
Conversation for interview
Conversations between parents and teenagers
Cooking verbs
Cooking verbs
Crazy killer 1
Crazy killer 2
Crazy killer 3
Crazy killer 4
Crazy killer 5
Crazy killer 6
Crazy love 1
Crazy love 2
Crazy love 3
Crazy love 4
Crazy love 5
Crazy love 6
Crazy love 7
Crazy love 8
Crazy love 9
Crazy love 10
Crazy love 11
Cruel World 1
Cruel World 2
Cruel World 3
Cruel World 4
Cruel World 5
Cruel World 6
Cruel World 7
Cruel World 8
Cruel World 9
Cute twins
Cute twins


Dad refuses to eat fruit
Daily routines
Daily routines & phrasal verbs
Daily routines vocabulary
Daphne annoys Fred
Date and month
Dating and relationships
Decorating the room
Dental clinic
Describing animals
Describing bedroom
Describing people at a party
Describing people, places and things
Describing people's appearance
Describing your family
Did you have a good day?
Did you have a good weekend?
Did you have a good weekend?
Did you sleep well?
Dinner for two
Disagreement and agreement
Do you feel up to the task?
Do you have a fever?
Do you have any hobbies?
Do you have free time?
Do you have free time?
Do you know any sports?
Do you like cooking?
Do you like Italian food?
Do you like spicy food?
Do you live alone?
Do you love your parents?
Do you need a book?
Do you prefer using cash or credit cards?
Do you remember me?
Do you speak English?
Do you usually talk on the phone?
Do you want me to go with you?
Do you want me to speak better?
Don't be so arrogant!
Don't forget to live your life
Dora goes to Greece 1
Dora goes to Greece 2
Dora reporter
Dora 1
Dora 1-10
Dora 2
Dora 3
Dora 4
Dora 5
Dora 6
Dora 7
Dora 8
Dora 9
Dora 10
Dora 11
Dora 12
Dora 13
Dora 14
Dora 15
Dora 17
Dora 19
Dora 23
Dora 24
Dora 25
Dora 26
Dora 27
Dora 28
Dora 29
Dora 30
Dora Reporter


Eating habits
Eating out conversation
Eating out vs cooking at home
Eating with friends
Education phrases and idioms
English Collocations
English Grammar
English idioms 2
English idioms 3
English idioms and phrasal verbs
Everyday life
Expressing opinions
Expressing preferences


Fake sick
Family and relatives vocabulary
Family life
Family life 2
Feelings and emotions
Finding a room
First day to work
First time introduction
Flower or Flour
Free time activities and hobbies


Get disappointed
Getting a job offer
Give him a good trip
Giving assessment
Go shopping
Gold digger 1
Gold digger 2
Gold digger 3
Gold digger 4
Gold digger 5
Gold digger 6
Gold digger 7
Gold digger 8
Gold digger 9
Gold digger 10
Good afternoon, how can I help you?
Good evening, Sir!
Good morning!
Greedy friend
Greedy girl 1
Greedy girl 2
Greedy girl 3
Greedy girl 4
Greedy girl 5
Greedy girl 6
Greedy girl 7
Greedy girl 8
Greedy girl 9
Greedy girl 10
Greedy girl 11
Greedy girl 12
Greet in an interview
Greeting and farewell
Greetings 1
Greetings 2
Greetings 3
Greetings 4
Greetings 5
Grocery shopping


Happy Father's day
Happy Mother's day
Have a great day!
Have you gotten used to living here?
Have you seen my other shoe?
He is out to lunch
Health and illness
Health examination
Hello! Good morning
Hello! My name is John
Hello! My name is John
Her parents in New York
Herbs and Spices
Hey, David
Hey, Jack
Hi Ben!
His typical day
Hotel Reservations
Household chores
How about a Pizza?
How are you doing?
How are you feeling?
How are you today?
How are you today?
How beautiful it is!
How can I help you?
How can I help you?
How can I help you?
How do I look?
How do you feel?
How do you feel today?
How do you feel today?
How does it taste?
How far is it?
How have you been recently?
How have you been recently?
How is it going?
How long will I have to wait?
How long will you be staying?
How many kinds of pollution are there?
How many people are there in your family?
How much flour do we need?
How much free time do you usually have?
How much is it to go to Miami?
How much money did we spend?
How much money did we spend?
How to ask questions?
How to manage your time?
How to undo this?
How was your morning?


I almost lost my job
I am bored
I am feeling hungry
I am feeling hungry
I am feeling under the weather
I am so sorry
I am sorry to hear that
I can always count on you
I have some good news
I have some good news
I love Dad so much!
I was arrested by the police
I'll call you later
Immigrant life
In New York
In the bank
In the bank
In the jewelry store
In the jewelry store
In the post office
Interests and free time
Introducing yourself
Introducing yourself and...
Introducing yourself and...
Introduce people and greetings
It was meant to be
It’s not okay to cheat.


Jealousy 1
Jealousy 2
Jealousy 3
Jealousy 4
Jealousy 5
Jealousy 6
Jealousy 7
Jealousy 8
Jealousy 9
Jerry is in my room
Jessica wins the lottery
Job Interview 1
Job Interview 2
Job Interview conversation
Jobs and Occupations
Jobs and Occupations
John, wake up!


Lana made a mistake at school
Learning Styles
Let's go to the beach
Let's go to the beach
Let's go to the museum
Lighten up and smile
Like and dislike
Likes and favoriets
Living and working abroad
Long time no see
Looking for an appartment
Love and money 1
Love and money 2
Love and money 3
Love and money 4
Love and money 5
Love and money 6
Love and money 7
Love and money 8
Love and money 9
Love is blind 1
Love is blind 2
Love is blind 3
Love is blind 4
Love is blind 5
Love is blind 6
Love is blind 7
Love is blind 8
Love is blind 9
Love is blind 10
Love is blind 11
Love is blind 12
Love is not a game 1
Love is not a game 2
Love is not a game 3
Love is not a game 4
Love is not a game 5
Love is not a game 6
Love is not a game 7
Love is not a game 8
Love is not a game 9
Love Story
Love triangle 1
Love triangle 2
Love triangle 3
Love triangle 4
Love triangle 5
Love triangle 6
Love triangle 7
Love triangle 8
Love triangle 9
Love triangle 10
Love triangle 11
Love triangle 12
Love triangle 13
Love triangle 14
Love triangle 15
Love triangle 16
Love triangle 17
Love triangle 18
Love triangle 19
Love triangle 20
Loving dance
Luigi's pizza


Mai English song
Make healthy choices
Making a complaint
Making a new friend
Making a phone call
Making a phone call
Making an appointment
Making appointments
Making complaints
Making complaints
Making remittance
Making telephone calls
Marine animals, insects, birds
Mark's First Job
Mary's Private House
Mary's Private House
May I help you?
May I see your passport, please?
Messing up
Meeting new customers
Meeting someone new
Morning Routine
Mother and daughter talk about the test
Moving into a new house
My family
My home
My hometown
My ideal home
My luggage didn't come out
My school day
My summer vacation


New experiences and life events
New Year's Resolution
Newbie at Work
Nice to meet you!
Not working out


Office love story
Oh... Um... Hello, Bill!
On sale
On the phone
On the plane
On the street
Ordering food
Ordering room service
Ordering room service
Ordering Takeaway
Other questions


Parents and teachers
Paying the bill
Payment Policy
Personal information
Personal information
Phrasal verbs
Picking a costume
Picking a costume
Places around town
Play stocks


Question & Answer


Reacting to news and sympathizing
Rental house
Renting an appartment
Renting an appartment
Reporting work
Reporting work completion
Reserving a table
Return of goods
Rick is Overwight
Room reservation
Rules of living together


Sacrifice 1
Sacrifice 2
Sacrifice 3
Sacrifice 4
Sacrifice 5
Sacrifice 6
Sacrifice 7
Sacrifice 8
Sarah goes out on a date night
Saturday's chores
Say thanks and sorry
School and family
School dialogues
School life
School life
Self introduction
Selling a house
Sensible wife 1
Sensible wife 2
Sensible wife 3
Sharing an apartment
Sharon moves to Japan or stays?
Small talk
So, Bill. Do you like your new job?
Sorry, I did not mean to
Sorry to bother you
Special skills
Stay safe and healthy
Stress and relaxation
Studying abroad
Surprise after surprise


Talk about holiday
Talk about passion
Talking about clothes
Talking about daily activities
Talking about daily routines
Talking about Daiting
Talking about health problems
Talking about hobbies
Talking about household chores
Talking about my country
Talking about rumors
Talk about the countryside and the city
Talking about travel
Talking about your family
Talking about vacation
Tell me about your top-three food
Tell me about yourself
Thank you all for coming today!
Thank you very much!
Thanksgiving dinner
That color looks good on you
That's coming along nicely
The alphabet
The broken vase
The dating story
The four seasons
The lesson
The license
The lost child
The most important thing
The real meaning of love
The ring and the cat
The ring and the cat
The Roommates
The school play
The secret to successful socializing
This house is a mess
Three days of vegetable
Three plus one 1
Time and date
To make a bargain
Traffic Violations
Triangle love 1
Triangle love 2
Triangle love 3
Triangle love 4
Triangle love 5
Triangle love 6
Triangle love 7
Triangle love 8
Triangle love 9
Triangle love 10
Triangle love 11
Triangle love 12
Triangle love 13
Triangle love 14
Triangle love 15
Triangle love 16
Triangle love 17
Triangle love 18
Triangle love 19
Triangle love 20
Trouble at the airport
Trouble while traveling
Tutoring the child
TV program


Useful Expressions


Visiting a patient
Visiting Grandparents


Wake up, sweetie!
Warranty expires
We went camping
We'd been hoping for a romantic trip
We've broken up
Welcome a Grand Plaza
Welcome a new person
Welcome to Sunset Restaurant
What a coincidence!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are they doing?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing tomorrow?
What are you going to cook?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do this weekend?
What are your favourite means of communication?
What are your favourite means of communication?
What are they doing?
What brings you here?
What can you do?
What colors would you like?
What do you do?
What do you do?
What do you mean?
What do you think?
What do you think?
What do you think?
What do you usually do in the morning?
What do you usually have for breakfast?
What do you usually have for breakfast?
What do you want?
What do you want to eat?
What do you will?
What do your parents do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
What happened to you?
What have you been doing?
What have you done lately?
What is your desired weight?
What is the matter with you?
What is the matter with you?
What is the most impressive competition?
What is the weather like?
What is wrong with that?
What is your biggest fear?
What is your favorite restaurant?
What is your full name?
What is your hobby?
What is your job?
What is your job?
What is your name?
What is your name?
What is your opinion?
What kind of music do you like?
What time is check out?
What time is breakfast?
What time is it?
What we should not eat?
What were you doing?
What would you like?
What would you like to drink?
What would you like to eat?
When can I go?
When friends let you down
When guests come to visit?
When is your birthday?
Where are you?
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Where did you learn English?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you want to travel?
Where is my key?
Where is my phone?
Where is that pretty girl?
Where should I go?
Where were you born?
Why are you crying?
Why did he cheat on me?
Why do you likr the beach?
Why don't we go to the cinema?
Why did he cheat on me?
Why did he cheat on me?
Why is he crying?
Why should we hire you?
Will you miss Jesse?
Will you marry me?
Won't you be jealous? (1)
Won't you be jealous? (2)
Working from home
Working life
Working overtime
Would you like a newspaper to read?
Would you like to do something?
Would you open the window, please?


Yes, this is very important
You are so lazy!
You can count on us!
You must be Bill Thomas?